Feel (est. 2015) Brand Studio for the Now Era

Brand is everything, ever-evolving.

At Feel, we interpret so you don't have to.

Feel is a creative partner to modern brands and the minds behind them. We guide marketers, executives and founders through pivotal moments in their brand's evolution.

Hire Feel to help you:

  • Launch a new venture, collection, category or collaboration.
  • Relaunch, reposition or reclaim authority in the market.
  • Develop a digital-first campaign or content strategy.
  • Design or re-design your brand identity.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Campaigns
  • Strategy + Positioning
  • Brand Design
  • Strategic Advising

Founded in 2015, Feel is led by Korey Vincent and Shawn Khemsurov. We collaborate with a diverse network of artists and advisors for specialized expertise. Our adaptive approach consistently outshines traditional agency results.